Rathaus Center Pankow Refurbishment 2023 abgeschlossen
Rathaus Center Pankow refurbishment completed

Rathaus Center Pankow refurbishment completed

Jagdfeld Real Estate, part of the Jagdfeld Gruppe, has now completed the most extensive modernization and expansion of the Rathaus Center Pankow, which it manages. Pankow’s largest shopping center has been given a new look over the last 16 months at a cost of more than EUR 15 million. The mall and access areas to the center have been modernized and, among other things, have received ceilings designed according to a new color concept; in addition, there are modern lounge areas with power connections to improve the quality of stay, an innovative and energy-saving lighting concept, a revised wayfinding system and upgraded areas in front of the elevators. In addition, the extension building is now also being put into operation, creating around 2100 m² or 7% new space and increasing the “Rathaus Center Pankow” to more than 32,000 m².

“Planning in the midst of Corona and then building after the turnaround was a real Herculean task, which we have mastered. The ‘Rathaus Center Pankow’ is now well equipped for the future and is a living example of how shopping centers can hold their own. We can’t handle all the requests,” says Benedikt Jagdfeld, head of Jagdfeld Real Estate, which developed the center from the outset and has managed it ever since.

Prominent tenants in the extension, which covers around 1,700 m² of rental space, are “TK Maxx”, which opened its doors on April 27, and Rossmann. The drugstore is thus expanding from around 700 m² to around 1,000 m² within the center. The store will remain closed at its old location during the current store construction according to the latest concept and will reopen on June 10.

“We are delighted to be able to present ourselves in a fresher, more modern and larger space. A big thank you goes to our customers who have remained loyal to us despite the construction work,” explains Peter Schönbrunn. The center manager of the “Rathaus Center Pankow” is therefore inviting customers to two days of action on 28 and 29 April, when a varied program awaits them between 12 noon and 7 pm.


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