at the Jagdfeld Gruppe

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”

Henry Ford put it in a nutshell from our point of view. We are convinced that you work together well, in the long term and successfully, when you share the same visions and values. The employees of the Jagdfeld Group are characterised by a high degree of identification with their work. They take pleasure in what they do. That is why our projects succeed particularly well and work becomes a fulfilment on all sides.

As a family business, we live family values: reliability, appreciation, trust, standing up for each other in all situations. This special climate of togetherness inspires and creates space for creativity. We live this inwardly and also radiate it outwardly.

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The above-average length of service in the company of up to 40 years leads to continuity and knowledge horizons that are good for our major long-term projects. It is an indication that we don’t just talk the talk, but mean what we say.

The Jagdfeld Group operates in six divisions: Real Estate, Seaside Properties, Hospitality, Healthcare, Forestry & Farming and Lifestyle. These divisions are interrelated and create synergies wherever it makes sense and adds value. This results in a wide range of work tasks with great creative freedom, variety and personal development potential.

Working for the Jagdfeld Group means taking on responsibility, sharing the company’s vision, mission and values, as well as innovative and future-oriented thinking. Do you want to fully develop your goals, strengths and passions with us and grow together with us? Then we look forward to getting to know you as a personality with all your talents.


What everyone has already experienced for themselves in the private sphere can, in our view, work just as well in the professional working environment: All things that we like to do and enjoy doing are easier for us to do. We are in the flow, surpass ourselves, forget the time and are often positively surprised by ourselves and the extraordinary results. The Jagdfeld Group promotes this climate and this way of working and is pleased about all employees who are able to gain this experience.

This is what our colleagues themselves say about their work with us:

What do I enjoy about my work?

The interesting, varied and challenging real estate topics. Understanding and meeting the diverse concerns of the various stakeholders. Our great PM team: despite all the work, we also have a good laugh. We rely on each other, have an open ear for each other and regularly exchange experiences and knowledge.

Esther Schulz, Senior Property Manager, Düren

What do I enjoy about my work?

The management of the technical and commercial parts combined in the position of site manager. Complex invitations to tender and awarding of contracts in the area of facility management/technology. Management of extensive construction measures and their commercial processing. But also classic centre management with tenant support, public relations and marketing.

Peter Otting, Commercial & Technical Center Manager Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Neuwied, Hagen

What do I enjoy about my work?

The work is varied and there is always something new. What is particularly pleasant is being able to work independently and autonomously, but knowing that both colleagues and the supervisor are always available to help if needed. On top of that, there's the overall togetherness within the department and that there's always something to laugh about.

Jacqueline Hall, Residential Property Manager, Düren

What do I enjoy about my work?

I enjoy applying the knowledge I have acquired during my time with the Jagdfeld Group, as well as always being confronted with new challenges and solving them. The diversity of my tasks.

Thomas Kühl, Head of Fund Management | General Manager, Düren

What do I enjoy about my work?

What I like about my job is the variety and the contact with colleagues from different areas. That way it never gets boring.

Regine Holz, Team Assistant IT, Düren

What do I enjoy about my work?

The complexity of the tasks and challenges and the freedom to develop smart solutions. The diverse and open cooperation with colleagues within the Jagdfeld Group, with the hotels and the partners.

Dr. Sebastian Schulz, Director Revenue Management, Adlon Holding, Berlin

What do I enjoy about my work?

The variety even after 20 years is what makes the job so exciting. It never gets boring; and it's a pleasure to witness the development of the centre and the neighbourhood.

Dagmar Frankl, Deputy Center Manager, Berlin

What do I enjoy about my job?

It's the mixture that makes it! A lot of technology, but also a lot of people, contact with customers and solving problems in a team are particularly fun!

Matthias Remmert, Haustechniker, Berlin

What do I enjoy about my work?

I particularly enjoy the good working atmosphere with my colleagues and the boss. The topics that have to be dealt with change every day and the opportunity to develop myself further.

Susan Menzel, Assistenz der Geschäftsführung / Büroleitung, GHW Golf- und Hotelresort Wittenbeck

What do I enjoy about my work?

Developing creative solutions for demanding and sensitive tasks in a fantastic workplace. The variety of fields of work and the resulting diversity also make the workplace exciting. This also includes building networks and cooperating with business partners.

Marius Hein, Förster für die Projekte in Heiligendamm, Vorder Bollhagen, Wustrow

What do I enjoy about my work?

I enjoy organising, planning, deciding - with success and the opportunity to broaden my own horizons! What motivates me is the contact with interesting people and personalities, be they guests or staff. I love to communicate and to sell. Solving problems is a great job: with creativity and commitment!

Florian Hettler, Chief Executive Officer China Club Berlin

What do I enjoy about my work?

I love creating special moments for our members and guests, as the Peace Bar at China Club Berlin always stands for a special experience. I always have the opportunity to search the world for something special, whether it's Kosher Bourbon, artisan tequila or unique Chinese gin - a mix of classic and modern.

Marcus Neumann, Director of Mixology, China Club Berlin

What do I love about my job?

What I love about my job is to see "satisfaction and happiness" in the faces of my customers after a dinner or lunch prepared by me and my co-workers.

Simone Suardi Executive Chef Medinis Berlin und Heiligendamm

Simone Suardi, Executive Chef, Medinis Berlin & Medinis Heiligendamm

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