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The growing Hospitality Division stands for upscale guest culture, outstanding cuisine, wine connoisseurship and excellent service at two exceptional locations. It comprises the activities of China Club Berlin GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in Berlin, and the destinations it operates: The private club China Club Berlin and the public restaurants India Club (Berlin) and Medinis (Heiligendamm). The preferred use of organic quality products is a focus in all gastronomic operations.



In the centre of the capital, not far from the Brandenburg Gate, Germany’s most exclusive private club is located on the upper floors of the Adlon Palais. Since its opening in 2003, the China Club Berlin has become a meeting place for decision-makers from business, politics, culture and society – members only. Initiator and club founder Anne Maria Jagdfeld has realised her vision of a refuge in the pulsating capital. Less of a business club than a “private club” based on the British model, which focuses on enjoyment and the meeting of people.

With her interior design, which combines precious antiques from all provinces of China with Art Deco style elements from Shanghai in the 1930s and ’40s and a remarkable collection of modern Chinese art, she has created a setting for this that is unique in Germany. The luxurious club rooms have an individual character and represent the highest Chinese living culture. On approximately 1,500 square metres and three levels, members have access to a high-class Chinese and an Italian restaurant with outdoor terraces, two bars and a “Smoking & Cigar Lounge”. Furthermore, six individually designed suites for meetings, private and business events or for lunch and dinner arrangements in a more exclusive circle.

The Chinese Signature Restaurant serves classic Chinese cuisine with pan-Asian influences at the highest level. Chef Tam Kok Kong from Singapore has been at the cooker here from the very beginning. He is considered one of the best chefs in Asia and is highly regarded for his Peking duck, wasabi prawns and dim sum. Simone Suardi from Milan is also a top chef for the Italian restaurant Medinis, who turns classics of Italian cuisine into a delight with his passion and great technical perfection. Just like Tam Kok Kong, he uses the best basic ingredients in organic quality. In both restaurants, fish and shellfish come from wild catches, meat and poultry from species-appropriate animal husbandry from the organic farm Gut Vorder Bollhagen, as do vegetables, potatoes and eggs. Excellent service in the restaurants, bars and suites is a matter of course.

The culinary experience requires corresponding wines that harmonise perfectly with Chinese or Italian cuisine. The top-class wine list of the China Club Berlin is compiled with the greatest care and in close cooperation with the legendary “Lorenz Adlon Weinhandlung” and is characterised by a selection of exceptional items. Around 1,000 wines and champagnes are stored in the club’s wine cellar – from exclusive classics and rarities from the most prestigious wine-growing regions to promising new discoveries. The individual recommendation of the club sommeliers is indispensable and testifies to their connoisseurship and passion for wine. The two bars entice guests with exquisite spirits from all over the world, extensive bar menus and the outstanding cocktail skills of the bartenders.

In addition to the top-class culinary and wine expertise, the service and guest culture at the China Club plays an important role. Members and guests benefit from highly professional services at the China Club – from the reception team to a concierge service, a membership office and an event team for the function area. The perfectly trained China Club staff always looks after members and guests in all matters courteously, competently, reliably and with the necessary discretion.

The excellent location in the middle of the capital, the prestigious premises, the outstanding culinary offer and the service at the highest level have made CHINA CLUB one of the most exclusive private members’ clubs in the world.

Further information:

The China Club Berlin is Germany’s most exclusive private club in the heart of Berlin. Initiated and designed by Anne Maria Jagdfeld, it offers a select circle of members on the upper floors of the Adlon Palais two high-class restaurants with outdoor terraces, two bars, a ‘Smokers & Cigar’ lounge and six suites for events, private or business meetings.

The luxurious club rooms represent the highest Chinese living and lifestyle culture. Omnipresent is the art collection of club founder Anne Maria Jagdfeld, which includes important works of contemporary Chinese art, valuable Chinese antiques and art objects.

The Signature Restaurant serves classic Chinese cuisine with pan-Asian influences in a stylish ambience. Since the opening, Executive Chef Tam Kok Kong from Singapore has been at the cooker, who is considered one of the best chefs in Asia.

The spacious Peace Bar entices with exquisite spirits from all over the world, an extensive bar menu and the outstanding cocktail and mixology skills of the accomplished bartenders. The sommelier’s high-class China Club wine and rarities list is used here as well as in the restaurants.

In the winter garden on the top floor, the club restaurant Medinis offers classic Italian cuisine in a unique ambience in the style of “Art Moderne” with its own bar, terrace seating and probably the most beautiful panoramic view over Berlin. Milanese Executive Chef Simone Suardi cooks authentic, homemade and seasonal dishes true to the credo “perfection in simplicity”.


The India Club is the first Indian restaurant of international standard to open in Berlin. The restaurant focuses on authentic North Indian cuisine on a level that is otherwise only known from London or India itself, and has made a name for itself with its outstanding quality, not only among connoisseurs. The guarantee for this special form of Indian culinary art is the team around chef Manish Bahukhandi from New Delhi, who was specially recruited from India and is internationally regarded as one of the most distinguished representatives of Indian “rustic cuisine” and a master of spice cuisine.

His dishes derive their complex flavours from the use of countless spices such as turmeric, ginger, black mustard, cardamom, cumin, saffron, curry, cloves, cinnamon and mint. The famous Indian curries are homemade at the India Club, as are the chutneys and the typical flat bread naan. The tandoori dishes are a great speciality. Bread, meat and vegetables are cooked in a real tandoori oven made of clay – vitamin-preserving, flavour-enhancing and healthy. In keeping with tradition, the India Club avoids beef and pork in favour of chicken, lamb, duck, fish and seafood. Poultry and lamb are of high organic quality and come from the species-appropriate animal husbandry of the organic farm Gut Vorder Bollhagen, a farm of the Jagdfeld Group on the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg. But vegetarians and lovers of meatless cuisine can also enjoy a wide variety of excellent vegetarian dishes.

The interior of the India Club, designed by Anne Maria Jagdfeld and her team at jagdfeld design in British-colonial style, is elegant and Indian colourful at the same time. Every visit here is not only a culinary but also an atmospheric delight.

Further information:

The public restaurant India Club in the heart of Berlin stands for authentic North Indian cuisine at the highest level. The Indian kitchen team around chef Manish Bahukhandi convinces with classic dishes of the “rustic cuisine”, a finely balanced spice cuisine, a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes and its specialities from the tandoori oven.

The India Club restaurant traditionally avoids beef and pork. Vegetables, lamb and poultry are of the highest quality from the organic farm Gut Vorder Bollhagen and are gently cooked to perfection in the traditional tandoori ovens.

The interior of the India Club, designed by Anne Maria Jagdfeld and her team at jagdfeld design, is elegant and combines a British-colonial style with colourful Indian accents.

A visit here is not only a culinary but also an atmospheric delight.


Since its opening in 2018, the restaurant Medinis in Heiligendamm has been welcoming its guests in the ‘Haus Bischofstab’, the eighth lodging house of the famous pearl chain, directly on the beach promenade with its spacious summer terrace and a panoramic view over the Baltic Sea.

The Medinis serves classic Italian cuisine of the highest standard and has made a name for itself in the region and beyond. “Perfection in simplicity” is the formula for success here, once coined by the legendary Milanese chef Gualtiero Marchesi. Under the aegis of executive chef Simone Suardi, who is responsible for the fortunes of Medinis in Berlin, Roman chef Flavio Guenza and his team cook authentic, homemade and seasonal dishes here. Like its sister restaurant under the roof of the China Club Berlin, Medinis in Heiligendamm also relies on the best basic products of organic quality. Fish and shellfish come from wild catches and the neighbouring organic farm Gut Vorder Bollhagen, also part of the Jagdfeld Group, supplies meat from species-appropriate animal husbandry, potatoes, vegetables and eggs. What cannot be sourced from here or the region comes from selected top suppliers from Italy. Italian top wines predominate in the carefully curated wine list and promise enjoyment from all regions of Italy.

It is not only the exceptional quality of the food and wine that makes Medinis an attraction in the Baltic Sea region, but also its special ambience. The expanse of the sky and the blue of the sea once inspired Anne Maria Jagdfeld and her team at jagdfeld design to design the restaurant in its striking blue and white ‘Seaside’ look and its timeless, unpretentious elegance.

The restaurant takes its name ‘Medinis’ from a historical role model, the Milanese chef Gaetano Medini, who earned culinary merits over 200 years ago in Heiligendamm as “Oberhofküchenmeister” to Friedrich Franz I, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg.

Further information:

The Medinis convinces with classic Italian cuisine of the highest standard, an exquisite wine list and excellent service. The Italian kitchen team cooks authentically, homemade, seasonal and with many top regional organic products from the nearby “Gut Vorder Bollhagen”.

The favour of the location: situated in the first row, directly on the wonderful beach promenade of Heiligendamm, the restaurant Medinis welcomes its guests with its spacious summer terrace and a fantastic panoramic view over the Baltic Sea.

With the interior of the Medinis, designer Anne Maria Jagdfeld has succeeded in paying homage to Heiligendamm, a place of longing, picking up on the mood and play of colours of the seaside resort culture and radiating a timeless, self-evident seaside elegance.


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