Jagdfeld Real Estate completes refurbishment of Offenbach cultural landmark

Jagdfeld Real Estate, a company of the Jagdfeld Gruppe, keeps its word and has now successfully completed the very costly restoration of a cultural monument in Offenbach. The so-called Becker Arch, located in the district of Bürgel, which connected the buildings of the former leather factory, has been restored in a process of
and detailed restoration work was carried out over a period of several years. Jagdfeld Real Estate invested more than EUR 150,000 on behalf of the institutional owner to thoroughly repair the more than 110-year-old bridge structure, which is part of a residential complex it manages. This involved, among other things, strengthening the statics, renewing the rabbet ceiling, renovating roof boxes, reworking the flat roof, replacing slate, painting and plastering work, and remodeling the style-defining and universally known reliefs and sculptures, as well as renewing the damaged arch stones.

“We are delighted for our tenants, but also for all those interested in history in Bürgel, that we have been able to preserve this cultural monument for the future,” explains Michael Sadecki, Head of Residential Property Management at Jagdfeld Real Estate. “Such an investment, which never pays off economically, can only be shouldered by a strong partner,” adds the manager.

“As the city of Offenbach, we are very happy and grateful, also in the interest of historic preservation, that Jagdfeld Real Estate has preserved and secured for the future in the redevelopment of the ‘Becker-Bogen’ the identity-forming building, which is characteristic of the locality and very important for Offenbach’s industrial history,” says Offenbach’s Head of Building and Planning, Paul-Gerhard Weiß. “Instead of being deconstructed, one of the most beautiful arches in the region has been professionally and properly restored to a high standard of quality,” Weiß adds.

While the factory buildings of the former “Deutsch-Amerikanische Lederwerke Becker & Co.” have long since ceased to exist, the 99 rental apartments are in great demand and have been managed by Jagdfeld Real Estate since 2002. The “Becker-Bogen”, built in 1910 as a pedestrian bridge, once connected the administration building and the plant of the leather factory, which had to cease operations as early as 1971. Demolition began in 1982, so that construction of the current residential complex could begin four years later.

The Offenbach Bürgel I residential complex

This Offenbach Bürgel I residential complex at Gerhard-Becker-Strasse 8/ 15, whose construction was completed in 1992, comprises 99 apartments in eleven houses with a rental area of 5,900 m². The complex has been managed by Jagdfeld Real Estate since 2002 and is one of two residential complexes in Bürgel with a total of 325 apartments.

In neighboring Frankfurt, Jagdfeld Real Estate is one of the largest private-sector residential property managers in the Main metropolis, with a total of eleven residential complexes comprising around 1,700 apartments with almost 120,000 m² of living space.


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