Hotel c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop "c/onsum"
Hotel c/o56 Chemnitz mit erstem Hotelshop

First 24/7 shop opens in Chemnitz hotel

With “c/onsum56”, c/o56 Chemnitz is opening the first 24/7 shop in a hotel in the region. With a variety of products including drinks, snacks and hot meals, it is an alternative to the conventional “minibar”. The range of products on offer is extended to include cosmetics, travel guides and souvenirs from Chemnitz and the Ore Mountains, from bags to candle arches. The innovative self-service concept does away with the need for an app or cash, with customers paying as they would at a self-service checkout in a supermarket. The reception staff at c/o56 Chemnitz are available around the clock to answer any queries.

With the first round-the-clock shop, the Hotel c/o56 Chemnitz is once again a driver of innovation in the Chemnitz hotel industry: “c/onsum56” is the first shop in a hotel in the region – and only the second of its kind in Saxony. Following its sustainability certification in July of this year, the c/o56 Chemnitz is continuing on its course to be one of the most progressive hotels in the region and in the Free State of Saxony.

General Manager Falko Grober: “We are very proud to have worked with Wanzl GmbH & Co. KGaA, we are very proud to have developed and opened a self-service shop that both our guests and the people of Chemnitz themselves will appreciate.” It was also a personal concern of his to be able to offer a wide range of high-quality souvenirs: From Chemnitz mugs and bags to an assortment of incense candles, incense men and candle arches, there is a wide selection for both small and large budgets. “As we mainly have business customers as guests, there is always a demand for regional souvenirs,” explains the hotel manager, whether for colleagues who had to stay at the office or family who had to stay at home.

Alexander Hannekum from Wanzl GmbH & Co. KGaA played a key role in the planning and realisation of “c/onsum56” and is also delighted with the results of his team’s work: “The 24/7 hotel shop in Chemnitz is one of our flagship projects.” Such a successful combination of hotel design and user experience makes you proud every time. “In addition to all the added value for the guest, we are giving the hotel lobby a whole new look,” says the Business Development Manager happily.

But regional producers are also pleased about the new distribution channel for their products, which is close to the tourists. Nicole Strebe, sales employee at Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen, sees her products as an ideal souvenir: “A gift set, for example with a smoker, is a souvenir that will be enjoyed for a long time, not just at Christmas time.”

Robert Richter, founder of Chemnitzer Kreativfabrik, also draws a connection to the Capital of Culture 2025. His company specialises in high-quality, regional souvenirs that are produced in Chemnitz. “We should think as comprehensively as c/o56 Chemnitz in all sectors in order to make the Capital of Culture a success.” The hotel shop is open for guests and citizens 365 days a year and around the clock. Payment can be made by debit or credit card; cash payment is possible at reception.


Dr. Christian Plöger

Dr. Christian Plöger
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