6 Unternehmensbereiche der Jagdfeld Gruppe

All activities under the umbrella of the Jagdfeld Gruppe

“DI Management GmbH” becomes “JAGDFELD RE Management GmbH”/ Six divisions will be more visible and more closely interlinked in future/ No changes to company law

Düren/ Berlin/ Heiligendamm, 1 August 2022: With immediate effect, all companies of Anno August Jagdfeld and family will operate under the newly created umbrella of the “Jagdfeld Gruppe”. At the same time, the individual business areas will now be organised into six clearly defined divisions.

“We are now realising externally what we have already been living for several years,” says company founder Anno August Jagdfeld. “We are streamlining our structures, realising synergies and becoming more transparent in order to be even better perceived on the market with our numerous offerings. The closer integration alone will give rise to completely new entrepreneurial opportunities that seem inconceivable today,” adds his son Benedikt, owner and managing director of the former DI Gruppe, which will become “Jagdfeld Real Estate” as of today. (Please see the following page for the new names of the individual companies; this does not involve any changes under company law).

The six divisions, which will be managed from Düren, Berlin and Heiligendamm, will henceforth be called
will henceforth be called

Jagdfeld Real Estate
Jagdfeld Seaside Properties
Jagdfeld Forestry & Farming
Jagdfeld Hospitality
Jagdfeld Healthcare
Jagdfeld Lifestyle

The synergies between the divisions are already being utilised: for example, the hotels developed and managed by “Jagdfeld Real Estate” cooperate closely with the catering division of “Jagdfeld Hospitality” and the organic farm “Gut Vorder Bollhagen” of “Jagdfeld Forestry & Farming”. The private Berlin specialist doctor and clinic centre “MEOCLINIC”, which belongs to “Jagdfeld Healthcare”, is also already being managed in the style of high-quality hotels. Conversely, the first MEOCLINIC medical services are being trialled in the hotels managed by Jagdfeld Real Estate. Completely new forms of healthcare and lifestyle properties that utilise these advantages are also planned for the future.

“Our expertise, which has grown over more than 40 years, covers all asset classes and ranges from the legendary ADLON and the private residences in Heiligendamm to residential complexes and office buildings, urban shopping centres and small-scale retail properties in rural areas as well as the
retail properties in rural areas as well as mixed-use properties,” explains Benedikt Jagdfeld’s brother Nikolaus, who, together with his father, is primarily responsible for the Baltic Sea activities. “As a medium-sized, family-run company, we now want to continue this success story in the second generation and, as the newly formed ‘Jagdfeld Gruppe’, we are more committed than ever to our name,” say Benedikt and Nikolaus Jagdfeld.

The history of the “Jagdfeld Gruppe”

Founded by Anno August Jagdfeld, the Jagdfeld Gruppe is a sustainable, medium-sized family business with more than 500 employees and is organised into six divisions. Founded in 1975, the Jagdfeld Gruppe’s core business is property – in particular publicly offered property investments, with which it has become one of the market leaders in Germany. The “Jagdfeld Gruppe” masters the entire value chain from conceptual design and the purchase of land/property to financing, sales, construction, management and reporting – for all types of flats (holiday flats, social housing, condominiums), shopping centres, office properties and hotels.

In over 45 years, around 800 property projects worth more than €5 billion have been realised, in which more than 100,000 private and institutional investors have invested. The value of all properties currently amounts to around € 15 billion.

The most prominent projects are the rebuilding of Germany’s oldest seaside resort, including the historic “Perlenkette” and the “Grand Hotel Heiligendamm”, as well as the legendary ADLON hotel at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


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